Duffy Maccann Design Ltd

“I can confirm Room 2 Build Ltd carried out construction and refurbishment works to our offices at 123A, The Quay, Waterford. The building, a protected structure, dates from 1884 and required special attention and care during the conservation type works. Room 2 Build Ltd was extremely conscientious and diligent in their workmanship and provided an excellent range of construction services during the works. The quality of finishing by their operatives is of a particularly high standard and their building team acted in a professional and courteous manner during this project.
We have worked with Room 2 Build Ltd on a number of projects ranging from small domestic to large commercial projects and have always found them to be very competitive in pricing and knowledgeable in modern construction practices and methods.
We would have no hesitation in recommending them to our clients for future projects” Gavin Duffy
Duffy MacCann Design Ltd

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