Marius Barran – Architect

“I am an architect specialising in works to extend and alter existing, often historical, buildings in London and the southwest. I have run my own practice since 1982 and I have known and worked with Nick Ryan of Room 2 Build Ltd on numerous projects since the early 1990s.
Room 2 Build Ltd are a medium-sized building firm capable of carrying out contracts up to £1,000,000 in value. They are very competitive at tender, and fair and reasonable at final account. They employ directly several very competent site carpenters and one excellent joiner. They can rely on the services of at least two extremely able electrical sub-contractors and one good plumber and gas engineer. Their labour force is flexible and dynamic.
Management is very assiduous and careful with the best interests of their client and neighbours being always to the fore. They always work hard to ensure completion at the earliest possible date, and the standard of their workmanship is extremely creditable. R2B are well versed in dealing amicably and professionally with Local Authorities and satisfying the requirements of H&S.E regulations. Their sites are clean and tidy and the job is left in good condition on completion.
In general they offer a very good level of service at a very reasonable price.”
Marius Barran – Architect – 2016

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